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Specifications : 150*150*20mm

Performance : It is made of imported polymer environmental protection material EVA and PA6 nylon brush. Cold and high temperature resistance, can be used normally in the range of -30-70℃.

Function : It has the functions of waterproof, dust removal, anti-skid protection and indoor cleaning and hygiene, and can also be used as a snow removal mat in the hallway in winter.

Applicable : hotels, guesthouses, office buildings, shopping malls, museums, hospitals, subways, homes and other entrances and exits, indoor and outdoor corridors.

Product connection method: block connection

Product installation method : directly on the ground or groove. The convex teeth of the plate are aligned with the concave ring, and can be freely set according to the size requirements of different places. After the plate is installed, the bevels and bevels around it are installed.

Features : any combination of three methods, easy to splicing; local damage can be replaced separately; three-in-one floor mat is easy to clean.

Cleaning method : Rinse with clean water, or vacuum the surface of the floor mat with a vacuum cleaner. You can use neutral detergent for cleaning, do not use strong alkali or volatile solvent.

A. Do not clean with solvents such as dry cleaners

B. Do not clean with strong alkaline solvent

C. Do not clean with solvents such as gasoline or diesel

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